The Holy Spirit Connection

in-person service


Nov. 14, 2021

 The Holy Spirit Connection. John 16:7-11

God’s design has always been to use us, His church, to make the difference for the unbelievers in this world.

Advocate: Counselor, Comforter, Strengthener, Helper 

The Holy Spirit was given to the church! (

The world needs to see in us that the only reason for living is Jesus.

What is the purpose for the church? It is to bring Jesus consistently before the unbelieving world.

PROBLEM: We emphasize the church in order to reach the world.  

The church doesn’t save anybody

Jesus forgives sin…heals the soul…restores people…and changes lives; NOT the church. 

What was seen in Jesus, should now be seen in the church.

  • The Word of God is being fulfilled through my life.
  • Jesus Christ controls my heart and life. 
  • I am being obedient to the Word of the Lord. 

The noticeable difference the Holy Spirit makes? 

The power of Satan and sin has been broken in the lives of those who have a living faith in Jesus Christ.