The Challenge of Change

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Jun. 05, 2022

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Make the Right Choices

  • Fear God and serve him with a sincere heart.
  • Get rid of any idols

Our scale of what is valuable and what is not, better be right.

The priority of God, His Word (Prayer) and each other.

No Matter What, You Will Make a Choice! 

Either Jesus is Lord of all or Lord of NOTHING! 

Unless a person’s heart changes, their behavior will never change.

When you make a true, unconditional commitment to Christ, it opens up the floodgates of His love and power in your life. 

We will always be tempted to compromise.

Serving the Lord is not just a one time choice.  

  • Reverence for God
  • A strong commitment to His truth
  • Seeking Him for every step you take in life
  • Resisting sin!